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Peugeot 307 WRC "Pirelli", Tour de Corse 2006 (part 11)

The Story: In 2005 Gigi Galli was a works Mitsubishi driver, and all looked well for 2006. But in December 2005 Mitsubishi suddenly announced its withdrawal from the World Rally Championship and Gigi was suddenly without a drive. The first two rally's of 2006 he still drove a Mitsubishi Lancer WRC car, now supported by RalliArt Italia. After those two rally's Pirelli stepped in to finance a further 4 participations in the 2006 Championship. For the events in Corsica, Argentina and Sardinia Gigi used a Peugeot 307 WRC prepared by Bozian Racing. For the rally Finland Gigi Galli used a Peugeot 307 WRC also, but now prepared by BSA. With the Peugeot Gigi Galli reached a career best third place in the rally of Argentina, and he was on his way to repeat this performance in the rally of Sardinia had his engine not broken. The Kit: The kit is one of the last WRC car kits produced by Tamiya and features the much hated die-cast chassis for "scale weight". Who

Peugeot 307 WRC "Pirelli", Tour de Corse 2006 (part 10)

Let's go inside With all the work mainly concentrating on the outside of the car, it was about time to get working on the inside. Although a lot of the interior will be obscured by the fact the the front window will be slightly tinted and the rear windows will have a mirror finish, the interior can still be seen through the open windows at the driver side and the passenger side. So it would be good to pay some attention to the several details which will be visible. In one of the previous updates I already showed some work done on the steering wheel and some other interior parts. Now I will show you how it all turned out in the end, starting with the steering wheel. The steering wheel consists of several parts. The wheel itself, of course, but also two shifting rings which fit around the wheel to shift gears. In one of the previous updates I already showed some work done on a shifting ring. First of all, the wheel was covered with micro balloons, to simulate the t