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First finished model of the year...

...but not by me. Well, it has finally happened. The first finished model this year (actually, since moving to my current house last year) is a fact. My (8 year old) daughter beat me to the finishline though. When visiting the Interscale Stolberg modelling event earlier this year it turned out that she would like to try building a model herself. So I bought her a kit of her choice (which "sadly" turned out to be an egg-plane... Nope, I'm not a fan of egg-planes). Upon getting back from the event, the box was quickly opened and parts were cut from their sprues and glued together. Building and painting has been done by my daughter, as has been most of the decalling. I only needed to help out with a few stubborn ones. The model has been painted by brush with colours from the Revell Aqua Color and Tamiya acrylic range. The choice of colours was done by my daughter. She wasn't into the low-viz version that's in the instructions and opted to use some sl