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Ferrari F430 (part 10)

After the best part of an evening of work I finally seemed to have get rid of the various paintdots littering the body of the Ferrari. On some places I sanded through the paint and primer layers until the bare plastic was visible again. Because of the dark and slightly flat colour I'm using I didn't reprime and just sprayed the color on. Things went very smooth. Only a few spots that needed some attention. A spec of dust got trapped in the paint on the rear of the body and I hit the bonnet a bit hard with the airbrush which means that a few runners need to be sanded back a bit. Nothing too serious though. After sanding the aforementioned spots and giving the body another coat of black I declare the body for ready. At least regarding the painting stage. Now only a few details remained on the body. Apart from applying the few decals I also needed to paint the third brake light and the reflectors present at the rear of the car. For the third brake light and th