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Euro Scale Modelling 2019

It's that time of the year again. No, I don't mean Christmas, but "Euro Scale Modelling". The yearly modelling event organised by the Dutch branch of the IPMS. For the third year now the event was held at the Expo Houten venue.On Saturday the 23rd of November to be precise. The popularity of this event keeps growing, as I honestly can't remember it being so busy before. The queue outside the event location was telling. Never seen it so long, which can only be a good sign. It would appear scale modelling is not dead yet. Although that has nothing to do with my contributions... Or the lack thereof. Lots of vendors and clubs were present. Because another event was held at the same at the venue, the competition area had been relocated to one of the "regular" halls. Which was a shame, as the lighting in last year's competition area was a lot better. As it was, it was quite dark and as a consequence hard to take some good pictures. The amount