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WRC 2015 - ADAC Rallye Deutschland

Taking a little sidestep from modelling this blog post will be about my recent visit to the German round of the World Rally Championship. For several years now I'm a regular visitor of the German WRC round, also known as the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. My first visit was way back in 2008 (the last year when Gigi Galli was still active in the WRC). Since then I've been going there every year. It's just a three hour drive from where I live and a great venue to see the WRC live in action. This year (2015) I was again present, along with a friend of mine and his girlfriend. The rally took place on the weekend of the 23rd of August. The weather was perfect during the whole rally, which made this a very pleasant visit. Below is a selection of pictures I took during the 3 days of rallying along the Special Stages and in the Service Parc. More pictures can be found in my Flickr album of the rally.

KMK Scaleworld 2015

On September 13th 2015 I visited the Scaleworld modelling event hosted bij KMK and held in Mol, Belgium. Last year I visited this event for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of vendors, clubs, and last but not least, great models. This year was no different and I'm glad I made the trip again. Although my modelling has sadly come to some sort of a standstill at the moment (but don't be afraid, or maybe do be afraid..., I will continue building hopefully later this year) it is good to see other people are making great models and diorama's and it's always good for getting some inspiration and keeping the modelling flame alive. As with last year, KMK had invited several modellers to give a workshop/demonstration. Among these was Fabrice Maréchal , a well known car builder. I decided against attending his workshop and chose to go to the workshop by Andrew Argent where he showed how to do some groundwork (walls, bushes and other details). It