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Interscale Stolberg 2017

Last weekend I opened my event season by visiting the Interscale Stolberg event. The event was held for the third time this year and was once again located in the Zinkh├╝tter Hof museum in the German village of Stolberg. It's a rather small event. Several exhibitors and one vendor were present. Because of the small scale of the event there's great opportunity to discuss all things modelling with fellow modellers. I decided to bring the kids along for the event (for the first time). The small size being a good opportunity to gauge the interest with the kids. Below is a selection of some images from the event. More images can be found here . Visiting an event without buying something is normally quite difficult for me. But this time I wasn't tempted, so I was about to leave empty handed. My daughter (8 y.o.) thought otherwise. She was actually quite interested in the models and had spotted a small kit at the vendor which she would like to try. S

Corvette C5-R Compuware (part 17)

The interior has finally been finished. Not without a few hiccups. I really wonder who decided on the building order... At the end of the instructions you're asked to mount the rear ARB. This sits on top of the rollcage and connects to the rear upper suspension arms. For some reason though Revell has you attach the fuel cell/oil cooling ducts (at least I think they are) in step 11. And in the final step (19, for the interior that is) you're required to glue the rear ARB in place. To get this in place you must twist and turn the ARB part in between the cooling ducts and the roll cage. A bit fiddly, but it can be done. It could have been done a lot easier though. A good lesson to never trust the building instructions, although in the end all came good. With all the fiddling and fumbling around, paint has chipped off in several places due to the handling and/or the glue. So before closing everything up I will have to wield the airbrush for a final time and respray a few det