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Corvette C5-R Compuware (part 16)

The interior is coming along quickly now that I have (finally) finished the seat belts and the safety net. There's only one part I need to scratchbuild now and that's the safety net at the driver's door. Building up the interior didnt'go without a hitch. My patience and steady hand was tested almost to the limit. When adding the left side of the roll cage I also had to fit the scratchbuilt piece of rollcage I made. To say that this went smoothly would be lying. A lot of fiddling, some slight swearing, and a few beads of sweat were all in order here. Problem was that the 2 shoulder straps of the seatbelt were already attached to the roll cage which made handling the roll cage a bit of a challenge. Apart from that it appeared that the roll cage didn't quite fit, so I had to trim it in several places to get it to fit properly. In the end it worked out though. I deviated slightly from the instructions here, because Revell would have you place the seat fir