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Aston Martin DBS "James Bond" (Tamiya 1/24) - part 5

Since the previous part of this build I've been slowly and quietly working on the interior to give it the "James Bond" look. Question is, will this build be like the latest Bond movie or will the end result see the light of day eventually? Most of the work for this update is focused on the back "seat" of the car. As I had noticed in some reference images, the back seat of James Bond's car has not much in common with the back seat of the customer version as shown in the previous update... Looking at some additional images I noticed that, apart from the fire extinguisher in the middle, there are also two "seats" (as highlighted in the image below). Although it seems they seem to be used to house equipment or other stuff in the Bond car...   I roughly shaped a piece of 0.5 mm polystyrene sheet to match the few reference images I have to make it look as close as possible to the car from the movie. To that end I had to glue the parcel shelf to the tub f