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Interscale Stolberg 2015 - modelling event

On Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 February of 2015 the modelling event "Interscale Stolberg" took place in the small town of Stolberg near Aachen in Germany. As it is only an hours drive from where I live, I decided to visit this event which was held for the first time this year. Modelling events in the near vicinity (Southeast part of the Netherlands) are few and far between, so this was a great opportunity for me. The event was held in the "Zinkh├╝tter Hof", a small museum dedicated to the mining activities that once were a major source of income and work in the region. As this was the first time, the event was rather small. But that didn't take anything away from the quality on offer. All kinds of modelling were present; military, civil, sci-fi, etc. There was also a big group of paper/card modellers. The event was spread over 2 days. My visit was on Sunday morning. Although it wasn't crowded, people kept coming in to check out the models on show.

Corvette C5-R Compuware (part 7)

I've been working on some smaller parts lately. Don't feel very inclined to continue working on the body, although I'm nearing the point where I will have to pick that up again. Apart from the smaller parts, I've also been doing some work on the floor. Before I painted the floor, I made a few templates for CF decals. Revell provides a CF decal for the upper (and most visible) side of the diffusor, but omitted the CF decals for the bottom of the diffusor. Checking my reference images I noticed that the underside also has a carbon-fibre pattern. So out came my Scale Motorsport CF decal collection. I chose decal 1020 from Scale Motorsport for this. The pattern resembles the pattern of the Revell decal the most. I only noticed that the SMS is a lot brighter so I will need to tone it down a bit. In the meantime I also finished the extra piece of rollcage with the headrest. For the headrest-panel I also used SMS CF decal. But this time I opted for 1424. I g