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Citroën Xsara WRC - Francois Duval, ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2007 (part 4)

Slowly slowly I continu with this project. One of the very obvious things I noticed when looking at my reference pictures is that the co-driver (Patrick Pivato) sits very low in the car compared to Francois Duval. Something that's not too hard to simulate in the model. To that end I made a hole in the floor of the insert for the interior of the car. It looks a bit ragged, but I don't think it will be visible once everything is stuck together... The floor of the car itself keeps giving me slight worries. In the previous part I showed that I had straightened the part with heat from a hair dryer (and cooling the plastic immediately afterwards with cold tap water). After a few days (okay, months, in the meantime) of rest I have the feeling that the plastic is trying to return to it's bent shape. At least it seems as if the floor is not so straight anymore as I remembered... Maybe I need to have another go with the hair dryer to sort it out. To liven up the interior I decided t