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KMK Scaleworld 2017

Last Sunday I went to the Technisch Instituut St. Paulus in Mol to pay a visit to the yearly event held by the KMK. A good way to get the modelling juices flowing again after the summer break. Once again, the Scaleworld event was great. There were a lot of spectacular models on show. Best of Show was truly a work of art. Sadly I wasn't able to get many good pictures of this piece of art. Just one image remained and it doesn't even begin to show how good this diorama was. More pictures can be found on the KMK website . I also had the opportunity to have a few chats with fellow modellers which is always nice. Time went by quickly. A good sign. I can really recommend this event. It's not too big, but still there's a lot to see. I took quite a few pictures last Sunday but had to delete quite a few of them (as with the other pictures from the Best of Show piece). Somehow my (newish) camera (Panasonic FZ200) and I don't speak the same language. There's