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Leuchtfeuer/Funkfeuer dio (part 2 - the start)

As mentioned in the previous post for this project I will start with the Heavy Type A field generator kit from Plus Model. This kit marks several "firsts" for me: Building in 1/35 Full resin kit. Flat paint schemes  Let's see what's in the box: The various parts are well packaged in the small cardboard box. There are 4 bags with grey resin parts and there is one bag with a decal sheet and a small fret of PE parts. The manual has a parts list to start with and continues with the building instructions spread over 20 steps. What is immediately apparent is that although this is a small kit, it is very complete and has quite a high parts count with 53 resin parts and some 38 PE parts. Upon first inspection the parts look well cast with little to no obvious defects. There is some slight flash along some of the parts, but nothing too serious. The kit can be made with one side panel open (or closed) and the back panel open or closed. Looking at my re

Leuchtfeuer/Funkfeuer dio (part 1 - introduction)

Although I (still) haven't finished any of the other ongoing projects, I'd like to introduce a new project. This is more of a commissioned build, in this case for the HVH , a local historical society. To mark their 30th anniversary (which was actually in 2012) the HVH decided to release a book documenting the crash of Lancaster bomber ME858 (which will be a separate modelling project somewhere in the - probably distant - future) and other linked stories. It was soon discovered that there was a whole lot of additional information available in the local community and it was decided that the book should not only cover the crash of the aforementioned plane but that it should cover the whole period of World War 2 as it was experienced in the former municipality of Hunsel , although the emphasis would still lie with the crash of the Lancaster. With the amount of information available it would be impossible to bundle all these stories in one book, so the decision was made to spl

New beginning

How time flies. This will be my first post for 2016 (finally). I've been busy moving to a new house and (amongst others) setting up a new (and improved) hobby corner. This time I'll have a dedicated area for modelling and for my PC. Apart from that I also created room for my homemade airbrush cabin. So now I have all the tools for my modelling activities grouped together. Some pictures below of my new setup. If you look closely you'll also see the kits for my next project already waiting on the desk, which will be introduced in detail shortly...