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Benetton Ford B190B, F1 season 1991 (part 1)

The Story: After two unsuccessful years at Lotus, Piquet had signed a contract with Benetton at the end of 1989. After a (according to some people surprisingly) successful 1990, with 2 wins in the last 2 races of the season, Piquet was offered a contract for 1991 by Benetton. The car I'm going to build, the B190B, ran for the first 2 GP's of 1991 while waiting for the John Barnard drawn B191. The B190B was in fact more or less the same car as Benetton had used the previous year. Only the livery was changed. Although the car wasn't new, it still was relatively successfull during those first GP's of 1991. Nelson Piquet scored a nice third and fifth place during those 2 GP's. The Project: This kit is the fifth project I'm taking on since restarting this hobby. It will be the first Hasegawa kit I'll be building. And on top of that, it will also be the first F1 kit I'm building in the "unholy" 1/24 scale. This build will be the secon

Jaguar Mk. II Saloon "Inspector Morse" (part 8)

Continuing work on the chassis After the glue on the exhaust had dried, it was time to paint the part aluminium colour. I used the aluminium paint from the Revell Aqua Color range. After the paint had dried, I glued the exhaust to the car. I also put the wheels on the car, otherwise the exhaust might get scratched. And as I'm not intending on doing further work on the bottom of the car, it was as good a moment to put the car on it's own feet. Only thing I still have to do concerning the wheels is touch up the hubcaps. Because part of the chrome layer has been removed where I had to cut the hubcaps from their sprue. Now that the car has been put onto it's wheels, it was time to put together the interior of the car. Next up were the side panels. But before I could glue them in place, I had to scratch build some seatbelts. Although the original car had only 2-point seatbelts, the car Inspector Morse drove had in fact 3-point seatbelts. So I had to make

Peugeot 307 WRC "Pirelli", Tour de Corse 2006 (part 8)

Clear ! It was about time that this car would get a layer of clear on. But before I could do that, I had to touch up a few spots with "Pirelli red". When I applied the decals I made some minor mistakes in positioning them. So a few spots needed some extra attention. Although I have about 6 or 7 shades of red in my paint collection, the right one wasn't there. So I had to mix the correct shade of red. That took some time, but I in the end I managed to find a shade which looked good enough. After the spots had been touched up, I let the paint dry for some more days. After that, it was time for the clear. I used the same 2K clear I used on the Ferrari F430. Thanks to my new fan (higher capacity) there were considerably less fumes inside the cabin and the room. After I cleared the car I put a cover in front of the airbrush cabin (leaving only a small opening for the air) to prevent dust from settling on the model during drying of the clear. This, the cover,