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My first...

...3D printed parts. Way back in 2015 I posted an entry about 3D modelling and printing , a post started because of the need for special wheels for a(nother) project. Fast forward almost three years and it has finally happened. My first 3D printed parts. In this case being the rear wheels of the no. 71 Ferrari F458GT2 that was raced at the 2013 edition of the Le Mans 24 hours race, with (amongst others) Kamui Kobayashi at the wheel. But things have changed a bit. For one, I switched CAD programs. The first version was drawn in SolidWorks. But the final version has been drawn in OnShape (an on-line 3D CAD program). And I haven't used any third party sevice like Shapeways but "just" bought my own 3D printer... But let's start at the beginning: The 3D model. The first model which I made in SolidWorks was rather crude. After upgrading my PC (I'm talking 2016 here), I didn't bother reinstalling SolidWorks and went with OnShape instead. The differences a