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Aston Martin DBS "James Bond" (Tamiya 1/24) - part 4

Now that I'm installed in my new hobby room I can pick up the pace a bit. First the parts that needed some extra attention were tended to. I noticed a mould line still visible on the body, and as mentioned in the previous update, the indents for the parking sensors and the boot lid needed some extra attention. But that didn't stop me from adding color to parts that didn't need some extra attention. I started off with white primer for the license plates and the engine cover, as they needed to be painted white anyway. For this I used white surface primer from Tamiya (decanted from the spray can). For some reasong the primer didn't really give a good coverage. For the engine cover that's no problem. The license plates will be getting some X-2 gloss white next. When painting the engine cover I noticed that I've been very sloppy in cleaning the part. But as the hood will be closed anyway I won't bother about that... The parts that will get a chrome coat were pain

Citroën Xsara WRC - Francois Duval, ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2007 (part 3)

Work is continuing to prepare this kit for primer. As mentioned in the previous part, several modifications needed to be done. I started with the new position for the exhaust. With the aid of a reference picture and the decalsheet from Renaissance I sketched the position of the new exhaust with a pencil. After double checking the position I went to work and made the cutout for the new exhaust. Using plastic sheet and putty I closed up the old opening for the exhaust. When determining the new position for the exhaust I taped the rear bumper to the body. Which resulted in some gaps here and there. The moulding really isn't that great from Heller. Some filling and sanding will be needed to get this area to look right. I started off with putty, but in hindsight I'd better filled the gaps with pieces of sheet and than sand it flush... Next up were the stubs with the brake discs. I separated the discs from the stubs with a PE saw and glued the stubs inside the inner part of the

3D printing - What a difference a setting makes...

Since the first excursion into 3D printing left me with a bit of mixed feelings, I haven't been doing a lot with my Anycubic Photon 3D printer lately. When I was drawing up a part for the Aston Martin DBS I'm currently working on I thought I might as well give the Motegi wheel for the Ferrari F458 GT2 (my first project on the Anycubic) another go. As I was convinced that the part I drew in OnShape shouldn't pose a problem for it. I adapted the 3D model a bit to prevent the resin liquid from pooling up in smaller areas hoping that this would fix the issue of residue clogging the said areas as happened with my first attempt. I also played around with the settings, giving the respective layers a longer exposure time. Where I used the blue framed settings for the first print, I opted for the red framed one this time. The values are taken from a public document available on the internet where people can contribute their settings. And boy did that work. Okay. Maybe it was a com