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Corvette C5-R Compuware (part 10)

Building a car Now that (almost) all the parts have been painted, it's about time to start assembling so that the jumble of parts I have lying around can finally start to look like a real car. After clearcoating the diffusor (again), the floor of the car was finally finished and ready to receive some parts. First up were the suspension parts. Where the glue had to be applied I scraped away the layer of paint to create the strongest bond possible. During curing of the glue I clamped the suspension parts to the floor. Next were the engine and driveshaft with rear differential. As a bit of practice object I gave these parts a slight wash made of oil-paints. I used black and brown oil paints. After the oil paints had dried for a few minutes, I used a Q-tip wetted with turpentine to soften the wash a bit. I'm actually quite happy with how the engine turned out and see a lot potential for future applications (yes, this was my first wash...). For the future I think I

Witcher : EE finished

Back to normal? Taking a break from my regular scale modelling related posts I'd like to share a memorable moment with my audience. Yesterday evening I finally finished the PC game The Witcher: Enhanced Edition . image source : IGN I've been playing it on and off for several years and with the imminent release of the Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt , I finally was motived enough to finish the first game. As I'm not really into action games (actually, I more or less suck at action games) I regularly got stuck in the more action oriented sequences in this game. I was more interested in the story that unfolds during the game, but to experience the whole story I had to get past the action sequences. More than once I got stuck and the game was left lingering on my HDD without playing it for months or once even more than a year. But with the hype and expectations surrounding the third and final game in the Witcher series I finally got to grips with the first game. I h