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Corvette C5-R Compuware (part 13)

As promised I (finally) put the second layer of paint onto the body. All went very well, apart from a dust particle getting caught in the still tacky paint. As I hadn't finished painting yet, I used a piece of sanding sponge to remove the dust particle and paint the area again. The colour has now a nice and even shade across the body, so no further painting (of the blue that is) will be necessary. After the paint had hardened I went about the task of painting the rear of the body and part of the rear wing black. This was the first time I used the new Tamiya flexible masking tape (the white one) for the masking process. It worked perfectly. I painted the required areas with a single coat of black (80% X-18, 20% XF-1). The paint went down beautifully. Everything is (almost) ready for a coat of clear so I can start the decalling process. There's just one spot on the rear wing that needs to be tended to. For some reasong a very small spot of blue paint came loose af