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Leuchtfeuer/Funkfeuer dio (part 3 - assembly of the generator)

This next update has been long overdue. Holiday, and especially PC troubles and other niggles have kept me from updating my blog and hampered my building progress quite. Nevertheless I have been doing some small stuff which I'd like to show in this update. Continuing where I left off last time, I'll start this update with a few images of the first parts I've glued together (with 2-part epoxy glue). I used some clamps to keep the parts together while the glue set. After the glue on the parts of the field generator had set, I noticed that the sidewalls seemed slightly deformed (bent inwards). Probably a result of the clamping of the parts when the glue was curing. I placed a styrene tube between the sidewalls to return them to the correct shape. I continued by glueing the side panel shut. Just one final look at all the nice detail I'll be hiding from the viewing public and than the panel goes on. For this job I used Zap Thin CA. Only thin