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Stupid things you shouldn't do...

Okay. Where to start. Generally speaking there are a lot of stupid things you shouldn't do. But I'd like to be a bit more specific in what I would advise against.  That's why this short "story" instead of the next installment of one of my many ongoing projects.   As I've previously mentioned I own an Anycubic Photon 3D printer. So far so good. I might previously also have mentioned that my housekeeping skills might be good (enough), but my motivation to execute these skills isn't always present, so to say... Why might that be important, you might ask?   Well, since making my last print I hadn't emptied the resin vat of the printer. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? On Facebook there are more than enough users stating that it is no problem to leave the resin in the vat for a prolonged period of time. You only need to gently stir/mix the contents before starting your next print. So again, so far so good.   Until you drop your printer (...), onto your