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KMK Scaleworld 2018

As promised in my previous post this post will be about the KMK Scaleworld modelling event. As with the previous editions, the event was once again held at the Technisch Instituut St. Paulus in Mol (Belgium). And as ever, the event was great with a lot of vendors and clubs present and a lot of fantastic models in the competition area. But not only there, as there were great works of art on show at the club stands too. For me a bit of a first as my daughter (9 yrs. old) insisted that she wanted to go there too. At first I was a bit reluctant as I feared that she might get bored after let's say 15 minutes or so... No such thing. She was very patient (which is rather unique for a woman of any age...) and inquisitive. Which was great. We had a great time there. For some reason though she was extremely interested in tanks. Strange as that's the one type of kit that I haven't lying around here. Or maybe it is just because of that. One vendor was kind enough to hand her

What is going on here? (apart from not much at all...)

Yes, I'm still here. Shame on me for not posting for such a long time. The long silence is not without reason of course, as I haven't been very active modelling-wise. Not that there aren't enough projects on my mind (or started kits on my workbench for that matter). Just haven't really felt the drive to build something, especially after the clear paint job on my Ferrari went down the drain in the worst kind of way... The long and hot summer didn't help either with the temperatures on the attic rising to inhuman levels. Just sitting at my PC had me breaking a sweat, without moving even the tiniest muscle... Anyway. After changing jobs recently I happen to have some more spare time on my hands courtesy of shorter travel time and better work hours. This gives me some welcome extra time and actually makes me feel more relaxed. To the point that I actually am getting a little fired up to start building and painting again. After visiting KMK Scaleworld (a pos