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3D modelling and printing

Working as a mechanical engineer has its advantages. For one there is the acquired knowledge of 3D modelling, which I'm intending to put to use for my scale modelling activities. Actually, I already did use SolidWorks for some modelling activities in the past (creating a (sheet metal) flat pattern for folding the brake air ducts for Gigi Galli's Peugeot 307 WRC ). But with 3D printing coming of age with companies like shapeways et all, my modelling activities are expanding into that direction too (as if I hadn't more than enough on my hands with just building kits...). How good were the times in the mid-eighties and at the start of the nineties when the only way of getting reference images was through buying books and/or magazines... As my budget was quite tight in those days, choices had to be made between a new kit, or a new book/magazine. The kits won most of the times. And thus I just build my models following the instructions to the letter to churn out the odd m