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Euro Scale Modelling 2019

It's that time of the year again. No, I don't mean Christmas, but "Euro Scale Modelling". The yearly modelling event organised by the Dutch branch of the IPMS. For the third year now the event was held at the Expo Houten venue.On Saturday the 23rd of November to be precise. The popularity of this event keeps growing, as I honestly can't remember it being so busy before. The queue outside the event location was telling. Never seen it so long, which can only be a good sign. It would appear scale modelling is not dead yet. Although that has nothing to do with my contributions... Or the lack thereof. Lots of vendors and clubs were present. Because another event was held at the same at the venue, the competition area had been relocated to one of the "regular" halls. Which was a shame, as the lighting in last year's competition area was a lot better. As it was, it was quite dark and as a consequence hard to take some good pictures. The amount

Aston Martin DBS "James Bond" (Tamiya 1/24) - part 2

Moving on steadily I first studied the instructions and stills from the Casino Royale movie to see if there are differences between (the instructions of) the kit and the real car. Luckily there don't seem to be that many differences. The few I found are listed below. The diffuser and the 2 front lips on the bumper appear to be made of carbon fibre on the production version. In the promotional image for "Casino Royale" it is clear to see that the front lips are made of carbon fibre. For the production version the mounts for the rear view mirrors also seem to be made of carbon fibre. Looking at the image below I'd say Bond's car didn't have this. So the plan is to go for carbon fibre for the diffuser and front lips and follow Tamiya's instructions for the mirror mounts. In the instructions from Tamiya I noticed that the vents in the hood should be painted (semi-gloss) black. But all images I found on the internet and the stills from the movie

Aston Martin DBS "James Bond" (Tamiya 1/24) - part 1

So. Am I crazy? Starting another kit without finishing at least something? Anything? Well maybe. Why not continue one of the other projects you might wonder? As it is I'm planning to move my workspace from the attic (way too hot during the summer) to the cellar so my "open" projects are tucked away so I don't loose some parts in the move (at least, that's the plan). But I'd still like to do something in the meantime. That's why I decided to go for an out of the box build to keep things a bit simpler... And maybe even finish something for once. So I decided to build the Aston Martin DBS from Tamiya. Everything I need is in the box, even some photo etched parts. As a bit of a James Bond fan I just had to add this kit to my stash when it was released back in 2010. And there it has been lying quietly with the rest of my "projects" until THAT day. And with me taking the kit out of the stash that has actually come. So, what'