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Corvette C5-R Compuware (part 11)

As explained in my previous post, modelling has been very slow the past months. A certain individual by the name of " Geralt of Rivia " has kept me occupied and diverted all my free time away from modelling. So much so that there's hasn't been much free time left for some modelling. Before I started with that game , I managed to squeeze in a few small additions for the Corvette. I still haven't painted the second layer of color onto the body, but have been doing some minor detailing in the interior. At first I thought to limit the extra work to the small boxes at the co-driver side, the communications wire on the steering wheel and of course the big hose/pipe at the co-driver's side, as it is quite a prominent feature. The hose if which the exact purpose is not quite clear to me (I suspect it is the refuelling hose, as there are no other visible tank openings and the fuel tanks are located just behind the firewall behind the driver), is made of 2 mm

The Witcher - Wild Hunt : done and dusted

Phew. I suppose I should explain why there hasn't been an update here for such a long time. It all has to do with the release of the game The Witcher - Wild Hunt on May 19th this year. After upgrading my PC with a new graphics card (Radeon R9 280X) I started playing this game from Sunday May 24th onwards. What a fantastic game. Great story, great characters. Some of the subplots were almost more interesting than the main storyline at times. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game, which made me forget about modelling almost completely. As you can see in the screenshot below. Yes, that's right. I've put more than 94 hours of playing time into this game. And I didn't even complete all of the subquests littered throughout the game world. Suffice to say that I enjoyed every single minute played. I can't remember having played such a fantastic game before (save for the original System Shock). But don't fear, modelling activities will resume shortly, a