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Euro Scale Modelling 2010

Just managed to upload some more images before the motherboard of my PC decided that it was time to go to sleep forever... This time I present a selection of images from the Euro Scale Modelling event of 2010. As always held at the NBC convention centre at Nieuwegein and hosted by the IPMS Netherlands. This year the event took place on October the 30th (2010). Here are a few images: More can be found here .

Euro Scale Modelling 2009

Euro Scale Modelling marked the first time (oh, and also the last time up till now) that I entered a model in a modelling competition. To my shame I must admit that, since then, I haven't finished a single model. Although I've started many a project as can be seen on this blog... I didn't win a prize, but it was nevertheless great to see a model of myself on the competition table between all those other great models. The event was again held by the IPMS Netherlands in the NBC Convention Centre at Nieuwegein on the 24th of October. Here's a selection of pictures: More can be found here .