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Jaguar Mk. II Saloon "Inspector Morse" (part 4)

Slow progress As the title of this update reads, work has been a bit slow on this car. Most of my time has been devoted to the other 2 cars I am building. As a matter of fact, I actually demodelled this car a bit, leaving me with more work to do, instead of less. I've been not quite happy with the way tho roof looked. Especially the seams of the vinyl roof I had created with thin wire (0.25 mm). Although the wire is very thin, I still found it out of scale, so I removed the "seams" from the roof, to replace them with thinner wire. And hoping that it will look more in scale. Another valid reason for removing the wires was because I had been a bit sloppy with the glue. And because the layer of paint on the roof was very thin, the spilled glue stood out quite sharply. So, after I had removed the wires, I sanded the roof smooth. Only thing to do now is glue some new, thinner (I have 0.15 lying around) wires to the roof, and repaint it. Wheels keep on turnin

Peugeot 307 WRC "Pirelli", Tour de Corse 2006 (part 4)

Body As with the two other builds I'm currently working on, progress is relatively slow, but going on nevertheless. As I mentioned in the previous update, the paintwork on the body was more or less finished, but because I was a bit lazy the layers of paint slightly reacted to eachother leaving a bit of an irregular surface. It's about time I took care of it. For this I used a Micromesh sanding cloth. I wetsanded the body to get an even layer. Although it still looks irregular (second picture is taken after the sanding), the layer feels very smooth. I'll shoot a layer of gloss clear on it, before I will apply the decals. The gloss clear will remove the matt/gloss effects because of the sanding and will give me a nice (and hopefully) even layer for applying the decals. Interior Work has also been done on the interior of the car. In the previous update I already showed the seats. In this update I'll show several other parts of the interior. Almost all pa

Ferrari F430 (part 3)

It's been a while since my the last update. I've been working on this model for quite some time now and it's now nearing completion. I only spend about 3-4 hours per week on modelling so progress is quite slow. But there is progress. And in this update I'll show you how far I've gotten with this model. The first part I want to show you is the dashboard of this car. Most of the interior had been finished already, but the dashboard and steering wheel were still some way from completion. The dashboard and steering wheel were first painted black (semi gloss) with Tamiya X18. After that I sprayed several fine coats of satin clear (a mix of Tamiya X22 clear and X21 flat base) on the dashboard and steering wheel to give it a kind of leathery look. I wanted to model the dashboard according to this example: As can be seen on the image above, there are several sections of carbon fiber on the dashboard. I intended to simulate the pattern with composite f