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Benetton Ford B190B, F1 season 1991 (part 4)

Due to the fact that the engine cover was slightly deformed and I couldn't get it aligned with the rollover hoop I decided to glue the engine cover to the body and make this car curbside.

I have another one of these kits (the B190 version) lying around, and will try to get it sorted on that version so I'll be able to display the engine too as it looks quite nice.

Although I glued the engine cover to the body there was still some work needed, filling some small gaps and getting everything correctly aligned.

The original kit decals were a bit yellowed.
I know there are ways to restore the decals to their original condition, but in this case that didn't help much.
Luckily Shunko has released a new decalsheet for this kit, so bought that from MediaMix Hobby.

The rear wing has also been assembled.
After priming I noticed that I had overseen a few ejector pin marks. These were filled and sanded again.

The body and other parts have been primed too to check for flaws and prepare them for paint.

As with the rear wing I noticed some leftover ejector pin marks in the floor.
I tried to fill them with another kind of putty (Vallejo in this case). I normally use the standard Tamiya grey putty (in the tube with the orange cap).
I wasn't really convinced by this new putty, so will be using Tamiya in the future again. The Vallejo putty was too brittle and came partly loose quite easily. So I had to do the filling and sanding over sadly.

Before applying the colour I decided to open up the naca duct on top of the left sidepod to add a little bit of detail.
To give the feature a bit more scale thickness, I thinned the body from the inside. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.

The first layer of paint has been applied to a selection of parts, but I'm not quite happy with the end result. So that won't be shown just yet.

More next time.


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